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Public School Contacts
Education Opportunities
Support Groups
Youth Groups/Activities
Where Can I Find Help?


  • Support Groups
    - local parent support groups dealing with issues surrounding parenting a special needs child

  • Education Opportunities
    - area conferences, seminars, and learning opportunities

  • Child and Adolescent Groups and Activities
    - information about groups and activities for children and adolescents with special needs, may be for leisure or educational/therapeutic purposes

  • Where Can I Find Help?
    - a list of neuropsychologists, psychiatrists and psychologists, speech/language therapists, occupational and physical therapists, special education advocates, and other professionals.

*While AB SpEd PAC makes every effort to ensure that resources listed on our website include information and support our members will find useful and are compatible with our mission and purpose,  we accept no responsibility for the resources listed.  Further, by listing the resource on our website, we are showing no endorsement.  The resources have been listed for informational purposes only.